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Misao by arcanehalo
so I was in the mood to doodle something cute and sexy and feminine and then somehow I ended up drawing Misao HAHA srsly

NO this is the funniest "i didn't plan this" moments ever for me....srry

DA's been inactive srry

I have notifs piled up too. I just wanna clean out my files before fixing all the crap here and somehow I am just not attending to it.

Have a scary ghost in the meantime
Kurohi Art dump (June 2013 - Dec 2014) by arcanehalo
Kurohi Art dump (June 2013 - Dec 2014)
#1- Coloring style experiment I did way way back! I even posted this on the main (old) site because I got more fans...even if it was dead haah *cries* Imsosorryfav-ers

#2- Even older and earlier experiment for Iain. Pretty sure this was one of the first, really. Even have a gif here: Process-Study

#3- Similar experiment, this time for Nami. I wanted to see if I could do the style even for someone with anime super distorted proportions...

#4- CUPS!! All the kurohi ladies' cup sizes.... Just thought it'd be good to see their cup-sizes.... Idk...

#5- Most of this is actually done in July, with this exception being done around June of 2014...I was surprised to see it wasn't in the previous dump...and not in my galery...why not? I was proud of this too...

#6- I don't remember why I drew this exactly, but I'm pretty sure the Caedmon's creator, Periwinkle prompted me to somehow on facebook...and I drew this...

#7- I often wonder if my characters shave...

#8- Nami!! This is "Nami-kun", which is to say, Namikuro Natsumi, Nami's twin sister. She's very boyish and cool (lol)

#9- This is Yuki and Driz' genderbends, Sachiko and Diedre getting it on. Sachiko is on the tennis team, and Diedre is on the swimming team (They're in a sports academy)

#10- SachixDiedre again...You can't see but Sachiko has magnificent boobs. You can kinda see it in #9 tho. Oh well... *whispers*great butt too.

#11- Natsumi and Natsume!! Nami-kun and Nami-chan basically. Which is which? *snickers* I think it's obvious cuz of the hair..but really, people get mixed up. I have a guy friend who wants to like Nami-kun, but he keeps picking Nami-chan when I draw them without the distinctive ponytail...

#12- Hikari and Tom <3 Cuz in the prev version I didn't get to highlight their relationship much..maybe I should this time around.

#13- Nami! Done for a coloring challenge. Someone else colored and inked it later, but that's not MY art so it's not here...

#14- who is this? it's a secret for now...but this drawing is safe and spoiler-free so I thought I'd share it fufufu

#15- Chiharu has the cutest chubby cheeks

#16- Someone once commented that these two showed more intimacy than Yuki and Driz do. They do. I feel bad about it but they do.... /sob/

#17- Not a color experiment just wanted to have fun with Nao's bijin face

#18- shota MUSCLES so hahaha hi I just wanted to try drawing shota muscles. This is from the Hitsuji Zero AU where they're all delinquents. Chiharu and Nami heheeh

#19- I needed to seriously figure out how I wanted Nao's bare body figure to look...

#20- kekekeke more Hitsuji Zero shite. Drew this when I shared the drawing of Tom in Hitsuji Zero AU: Delinquent Tom  . I was talking to Nami and Hikari's creator, and she got really excited about it, and wondered about poor Nami getting a seme so bara.

#21- Delinquent AU Caedmon isn't one to mess with either ;D

#22- Titled "Broken For You", Delinquent AU Driz isn't one to mess with for sure...well, no, Caedmon is still the one you shouldnt mess with cuz then Driz steps in. ;u;"

#23- This one's called "Intimacy". Seran Nao again...I really like their body language around each other, though you can't see it. It's something utterly bonded. I really like how I described it when I posted it in my art group The Desk: [I have a desire to be able to portray erotic intimacy without relying on blatant sexuality. || "Can't you feel it? the potency of your body language when you're around me." || Seran's a nice guy but he's also just a normal horny teenager.]

#24- An early doodle drawing. Just wanted to see if I could draw someone putting on a Jacket. It's a suprisingly complicated movement. *Jackiechanvoice*Put on your Jacket.

#25- I love how strong Pomeranze's features are, yet how feminine she is.

#26- This is someone in one of my other dumps. He's filipino. This is me trying to color him.

#27- NURSE YUKI LOOKS LIKE A RAPIST. I didn't mean it though. Originally I was gonna use red eyes but it looked super scary in this bright/light coloring...;; I made this for Yuki's creator, cuz she and another friend graduated their first course as med students ;u; <3 so proud of 'em.

#28- I mentioned when I posted this that sometimes I feel like Pomeranze is more bishie than even Caedmon. If she cut her hair...damn. I worried about it. But my friends assured me that she was very bishie yeah, but there was something genuinely feminine about her, so not to worry. I'm glad. I tried to portray it, and I did.

#29- Again one of the older earlier drawings...just felt like drawing the creepy pervy doctor HAHAH. //shot

All characters are by me, from my webcomic Kuroi Hitsuji
Bright Christmas by arcanehalo
Bright Christmas
A Merry Christmas to all of you!

Kazu from kurohi everybody...!

The idea was to make use of a christmas light theme, and I wanted it to seem like a sort of itnimate moment... (you can guess who's on the other side of that gaze if u read the comic or not idk, I didn't get to focus on their pair before the reboot...)

art by me, arcane_halo
character Kazuki from Kuroi Hitsuji by arcane_halo
DEX-MEN front cover by arcanehalo
DEX-MEN front cover
Hi!! WOW! So... I'm super proud of this. I didn't think I was capable of this until now...

I feel like there's both a lot to explain, and not much at all. That is to say, this is something in an art group of mine where we have monthly challenges, and ever since a few years back Genderbend December has been the biggest. Our genderbends were so much fun to mess with, they have a lot going on, including AUs!

So this is our SUPERHERO AU!

It's obviously a parody. My brother recognized it too. Here we have Rhys Klaus as Cyclone, Sigmund Klaus as Chronos and Deej Go as White Emperor.
You can take a guess-y-guess at this all but there's a lot more about their canon-selves (well, not right now but there will be) in the official webcomic of them: Daniel.

So for one think I'll explain why DEX-MEN and it's kinda funny, I'm gonna copy paste my explanation in the art group I'm in... See the group is called "The Desk" so... I was gonna say "DeskMen" but that sounded like some kind of business manual.
Then there was a lot of funny stuff including Knights of the round TABLE and EXcalibur, then Desk sounding like Dex so it could be INDEX or--yeah anyway...DEX-MEN sounded not so stupid although honestly kind of senseless but I went with it since it was the least stupid-sounding name!

So instead u have this...tharrr we go. >:3

I'm really proud.... I feel like I've reached an achievement with this... >:3 *huff*

So yeah...that's it.

Characters Rhys, Sig and Deej belong to rainbowcrayonwarrior , Yoshijo Kure , and me, arcane_halo, respectively.
art by me, arcane_halo
Maria and Paz by arcanehalo
Maria and Paz
Some long time artwork I never finished and decided to finally finish it up.

Kinda small but that's cuz I resized it for watermark and...cuz I really do resize this stuff for posting.

They are not a ship. They are...relaitves, in a way. -v-

Maria and Paz from Bundokidoki by The Desk
art by arcanehalo of The Desk



Artist | Student | Varied
I like tabs~ XD
As I promised a friend, I would explain that much first.

I am an art student, so I do traditional painting as well as digital art. Surrealism for the former, and mostly manga-esque for the latter.

I have an obsession with Masks. Don't ask why.

I'm considered a little prince by some, and I like that title, but unless you're my princess, you're not allowed to call me that.

I. like. my. sleep. Don't wake me up. Seriously. I hear I'm a total Usagi-san* when I wake up against my will. Alarm clocks beware.

*Junjou, duhrhur. Not a bunneh.

I also like food. Dont mess with my food.

I sound like a cat, yes. I guess I am one in a way. ^_^

I guess thats it...and...I have linkies to moar work!!!

Biggest project:

Kuroi Hitsuji!
A BL comic about a straight man who is not paired up with a gay man! OMGWTFBBQ! anyway read it. XD

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About Me:
I make faces stamp by GracelessLove .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot RPG Horror Game Love Stamp by vomitcunt

Crazy is just reality with a twist.

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