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DEX-MEN front cover by arcanehalo
DEX-MEN front cover
Hi!! WOW! So... I'm super proud of this. I didn't think I was capable of this until now...

I feel like there's both a lot to explain, and not much at all. That is to say, this is something in an art group of mine where we have monthly challenges, and ever since a few years back Genderbend December has been the biggest. Our genderbends were so much fun to mess with, they have a lot going on, including AUs!

So this is our SUPERHERO AU!

It's obviously a parody. My brother recognized it too. Here we have Rhys Klaus as Cyclone, Sigmund Klaus as Chronos and Deej Go as White Emperor.
You can take a guess-y-guess at this all but there's a lot more about their canon-selves (well, not right now but there will be) in the official webcomic of them: Daniel.

So for one think I'll explain why DEX-MEN and it's kinda funny, I'm gonna copy paste my explanation in the art group I'm in... See the group is called "The Desk" so... I was gonna say "DeskMen" but that sounded like some kind of business manual.
Then there was a lot of funny stuff including Knights of the round TABLE and EXcalibur, then Desk sounding like Dex so it could be INDEX or--yeah anyway...DEX-MEN sounded not so stupid although honestly kind of senseless but I went with it since it was the least stupid-sounding name!

So instead u have this...tharrr we go. >:3

I'm really proud.... I feel like I've reached an achievement with this... >:3 *huff*

So yeah...that's it.

Characters Rhys, Sig and Deej belong to rainbowcrayonwarrior , Yoshijo Kure , and me, arcane_halo, respectively.
art by me, arcane_halo
Maria and Paz by arcanehalo
Maria and Paz
Some long time artwork I never finished and decided to finally finish it up.

Kinda small but that's cuz I resized it for watermark and...cuz I really do resize this stuff for posting.

They are not a ship. They are...relaitves, in a way. -v-

Maria and Paz from Bundokidoki by The Desk
art by arcanehalo of The Desk
Lovebug DHMIS3 - (Shrignold) by arcanehalo
Lovebug DHMIS3 - (Shrignold)
I knew they'd get to love eventually :heart:

I leave the fandom to name him though I already saw daenerysbellagirl name him Romeo and I think that's cute.

No but srs srs guys I just wanted to jump in on the inevitable fandom charge of trying to design him.
He reminds me of a scary hippie dude trying to get you to smoke something to help 'enlighten' you.

Door-to-door religion and whatnot too. He's a scary guru. Thus the bellbottoms.

Patterned after Kada's work ( or she moved to ( hahaha.

Lord help us all as we try to come up with something

EDIT: his name is canonically Shrignold! Thank you LunarAutumn :heart:
Dia Delos Muertos by arcanehalo
Dia Delos Muertos
Happy Halloween everybody!

At my college they're doing a Dia Delos Muertos theme, so I took a hint from them and all.
So here's the full size of this year's Kurohi Halloween update.

Shu and Kazu hope you like their Muertos makeup :)

characters: Shuichi Inoue (left) and Felix Cornielle Amadeur (right) from Kuroi Hitsuji by Arcane Halo
artist: Arcane Halo
Spirit Day 2014 by arcanehalo
Spirit Day 2014
I felt like doing stuff manually this Ink-tober!!

Hold on to hope. It gets better.

Medium: Ballpoint pen and watercolor

character: Shikimori Hayate from Kuroi Hitsuji by Arcane Halo
artist: Arcane Halo



Artist | Student | Varied
I like tabs~ XD
As I promised a friend, I would explain that much first.

I am an art student, so I do traditional painting as well as digital art. Surrealism for the former, and mostly manga-esque for the latter.

I have an obsession with Masks. Don't ask why.

I'm considered a little prince by some, and I like that title, but unless you're my princess, you're not allowed to call me that.

I. like. my. sleep. Don't wake me up. Seriously. I hear I'm a total Usagi-san* when I wake up against my will. Alarm clocks beware.

*Junjou, duhrhur. Not a bunneh.

I also like food. Dont mess with my food.

I sound like a cat, yes. I guess I am one in a way. ^_^

I guess thats it...and...I have linkies to moar work!!!

Biggest project:

Kuroi Hitsuji!
A BL comic about a straight man who is not paired up with a gay man! OMGWTFBBQ! anyway read it. XD

:heart: Random Love :heart:
Yume Nikki Stamp by Yiyo--Chan Stamp- Masada fan by SClynx Ib stamp by Daiki-nim Garry Stamp by Sanza-tan Off Stamp #1 by nostalgic-neophyte :OFF: Elsen fan stamp by PsychopathLuxray Dont Hug Me I'm Scared Stamp by arcanehalo

About Me:
I make faces stamp by GracelessLove .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot RPG Horror Game Love Stamp by vomitcunt

Crazy is just reality with a twist.

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